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Why Web Design?

Life is too short to waste time stuck in a career or job that you hate. Too many careers trap you into working when and where your company tells you. The final nail in your coffin is when they not only tell you what job to do, but exactly how to do it. So much for being a free thinking human being. Creativity is like air, when it gets sucked out of the room you quickly suffocate!

That is why Web design and development is one of the best careers in the world. You can do it from anywhere; from home, the coffee shop down the street, or on a beach in the Caribbean. You can do it anytime of the day; want to stay up late and sleep-in, no problem. Web development even allows you to fully utilize all of your talents; unlock both spheres of your brain and work creatively and logically all on the same project.

What you get with my Web Design Newsletter

The life of a web designer doesn’t have to be an island.  Consider this the beginning of a friendship and the creation of a community.  The first thing you will get immidiately when you sign up is a free copy of the Website Quality Control Made Easy guide.  This guide includes tips on testing your website and an extensive checklist to help ensure that you are putting out the highest quality, bug free website possible.  Your clients will love you for using this checklist and you will wonder how you ever did it before.

You also receive the free Social Network Marketing Guide for Web Developers and Designers.  This guide gives you step by step instructions on how to setup your account, what to say, how to get massive amounts of followers and most importantly how you can automate the entire process.  The sooner you signup the sooner you can build your social networking empire and the sooner you will start to bring in more business.

You will also recieve:

  • Web design tips and tricks.
  • Reviews of different tools, software and websites to help you in website development.
  • Ways to get more business by spending little to nothing.
  • How to charge more money by doing less work!!
  • SEO and marketing tips.
  • How to automate as much as possible – shave half the time off creating a website.
  • How to increase the lifetime value of your clients.
  • Ways to expand your service offerings making you more valuable to clients.
  • How to leverage your time and work on multiple websites all at the same time.

What you will NOT receive with my Web Design Newsletter

  • How to get rich quick
  • How to promise your clients #1 rankings on Google
  • How to take advantage of your clients
  • How to become a slick pushy sales person by promising the world but not caring about your client once you have their money

So what are you waiting for?  There is nothing to lose by signing up and you might just be stepping through a door to a whole new world of web design success and freedom.