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If you like the web design business news, tips, quotes and information in my tweets, then you will love my Web Design Business Secrets newsletter.  In the newsletter I am able to go into more detail about:

  • Web design tips and tricks.
  • Reviews of different tools, software and websites to help you in website development.
  • Ways to get more business by spending little to nothing.
  • How to charge more money by doing less work!!
  • SEO and marketing tips.
  • How to automate as much as possible – shave half the time off creating a website.
  • How to increase the lifetime value of your clients.
  • Ways to expand your service offerings making you more valuable to clients.
  • How to leverage your time and work on multiple websites all at the same time.
  • How to multiply your work by turning your services into products

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Free Social Network Marketing Guide

Many web designers struggle with marketing themselves.  Between keeping up with technology and doing the work for clients, who has time for advertising?  My new Social Network Marketing Guide for Web Developers and Designers will walk you step by step through creating your own social marketing campaign.  This guide gives you instructions on how to setup your account, what to say, how to get massive amounts of followers and most importantly how you can automate the entire process!

Free Quality Control Guide & Checklist

You will also get a FREE copy of the Website Quality Control Made Easy guide.  This guide and checklist alone could save you hours on each website you create and help ensure you are making the best site possible.

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