If you want to become a successful web designer and work for a big corporation, this post is not for you.  If you want to run your own successful web design business or be a freelance web designer, then read on!

As I said in my first post, knowing how to create a pretty website doesn’t mean that you know how to support yourself designing websites on your own.  Making your own website or one for a friend is very different than running a business.  I am not trying to talk you out of this crazy idea you have, I happen to think that it can be very rewarding and you could find yourself doing way better on your own than in the corporate world.  The corporate world will have a ceiling for web designers, eventually if you want to move up or make more money you have to move into management, which is fine, but you don’t get to do much of the fun stuff anymore.  I have been in both worlds and in fact, at the time of this writing, I am managing a team of web designers in corporate America.